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I come to you paper with pen

 I wonder when it all will end

 Let words drip from my finger tips

 I can’t say them through my lips

 Open soul transcend my thought

 Release these things I’ve brought

 Realism shouts on the sheet

 For it is time that I meet

 Forgiveness of my sins I pled

 My heart does not bleed

 Sorrow soaks bleed through the pages

 All is not lost throughout the ages

 Heal me to the highest power

 Bring me to the brightest flower

 Foresee the mist of happiness

 I am now not bloodless

 Dip out fingers blood ink

 I now know I think

 Discovery of lifes gift

 I promise to uplift

 Forever set inside new life

 I find you in this wildlife~Therese Marie Smith


Rose of Yesterday (was created to help in a gieving process of losing my mother)

Good day Good People

Much needs to be said about the stigma of mental disorders and illnesses. I am a work in progress and have travled years of treatment and healing. I use Creative Emotions to share what ills you can heal you. Everyone should use each day in a healing way if only to share a smile or show support will heal all of us in so very many ways.  Everyone mush know that mental awareness is a must to provent tragies like teenage sucide. Please be not ashame and embrace all of yourself.Creatived Emotions was created to help self support the hugry and stomp out the stigma! (more to come)  I first was to help self however sharing my creations with my thoughts is so healingfor me and others I have been blessed to help. Thank You kind people, I do hope you enjoyed this. Please share.~

Therese Marie Smith

ultral fractal was use to produce these images and poerty  created in 2006


Yet All AlikeYet all so different

yet all alike

cry tears we weep grounded

Yet all so different

yet all alike

smell of smoke burning flames

Yet all so different

yet all alike

rain bleeding down sorrow soaked

yet all so different

yet all alike

hunger aches the body weak

yet all so different

yet all alike

laughter drowned forgotten lost

Yet all so different

yet all alike

tears of pain whimpers hard

Yet all so different

yet all alike

empty heart lost soul

Yet all so different

yet all alike

love of life life of love

Yet all so different

yet all alike

death of love life of death

Yet all so different

yet all alike

In the wind.TMS..1ufr

Wind Follow Me
A shrill in the wind as she blew
Casting seeds on the green hue
Chasing my movements as I ran
As if to know that was its plan
Turning twisting just to make sure
The winds that was following me was pure
Not just an illusions the wind that chased
Through the fields that God had placed
Slowing down to find my ground
The wind rested with me abound
We walked together like no other
The wind and I with earth mother
God had placed the wind with me
Together we roam, as it should be



Caved Hopes


I just wrote the words

Put them in their place

Gave it some thought

I wrote these words

With insecurity

But with commitment

Of being someone

Of myself

I wrote these words

But these words written without thought only feelings

Hold the baked cast iron in your hands

Burn your skin

For my heart is cooked

I wrote these words

To express my soul

The sadness released

The words of hope

Better I feel

For the blister is in your hand

Only in my thoughts

I wrote your pain

Only in your words

Do you make me lie

Only in my words

I can reach the sky


of whispers in the windCopy (2)

Road of Life

Coming around the road of life

I stopped to watch a bird fly by

A colorful flower that smelled so sweet

To the path of mystic curves

There below the hill was a lake

Where fish swam as geese flew in

I settled beyond the shady tree

The leaves of the tree were dying in color

Soon to fall beneath the cold snow

Yet though before me this beautiful day

And into the night the rested babies

Stars above twinkle in the night

While the moon sat high and full

The sounds of life so peaceful

I realized my path of life is here

To enjoy what God has given me

All the peaceful beauty around

No love greater than we allow


A cancer grows in us all

It starts from the brain as actions without thought

And grows and stretches through our veins

It’s vines it reaches our hearts with pain

And there it is planted to drive us insane

In able to reason with justice only judgment

There in our hearts it kills a piece of our soul

Slowly it separates us from one and then another

Once our hearts were born to love our brother

And then in just a moment of misunderstood

Rather than accepting who we are

Finding easier to dislike by far

To hate is fear

To love is being there

Cleanse our hearts of hatred with love

Through faith and hope shed tears

Live life as love not as we hate

For all will not be given through hate

But love will mend a heart without soul

Releases the cancer of hate




(3) of Daydream9149tms

The Tree That Teaches Me

I seen the beautiful tree

As the sun blinded me

In the field upon the hill

Is where the tree stood so still

Its branches stretching far and wide

Step by step I reach its side

The side the light never sat

The side moss grows to that

To that the tree I did reach

A natural way the tree to teach

Us the beauty in it all…

The tree so wide the tree so tall



I am without words tonight
Evermore, no voice, I speak
With pages in print without my blood ink
Happy New Year I wish
Spectrum’s of faith
From I this fish
For all I hope
Life is joy able to cope
I am but a fish
Lonely deep in sea
No spectrum no light
Not given me
My faith with hope
Still floats it sends
Will to cope be beyond solace ends
Cage iced no longer in vain
Melt my heart New Year to start

New Life I swim new Beginning
I will win
My spectrum to glow
Into wisdom with light and sun
Shine far below I swim to run
New Year will gain new will to start
Lost scales from pain I not tear apart
I just one little fish Dear Lord
I need one wish
Teach me to love Teach me to be
All the good you have given me

Then I a fish no longer lone
No illness to drive me insane
Make me a backbone
I can only swim to gain
Rise up to light with prayer
Create my soul on pages
Mercy for in the ages
To see it will be
The glory you given me
I thank you this year
I make a wish
That All good people
Swim with a wish
For I am not but a fish

Now send me some light
All on a Chrystal beam
Create what I feel
Do what I mean
Feel with what I love
Together I swim into light rays
All too good though out new days
I wish this New Year
All good things happen to you
This my dear
Take me now from this fish bowl
Able myself to feel a soul
No longer in deep of blacken sea
No more darkness hidden on me
Nevertheless, I am but free
Wishing you all Happy New Year
A fish I can be

My Bio
By Therese Smith
I am from the Great Lakes state of USA. I was born in the spring of 1960.
I’ve drawn and painted pictures throughout my teen years and twenties. I won my first art contest at age seventeen at the state fair.
I’m a poet, artist, proud momma, proud granny, one with nature and God. I have a need to seek out the emotional creatively that an artist’s express. From other artist’s creations I can feel their joy, pain, sorrow…. it can be a celebration of life that I’ll feel from an image. I can see and feel it as it can be a suffering hole still lost in darkness UN a wear of one’s self pain. What drives them to pick their palette and embark on an empty page to express their selves as a human being? What will they share of themselves? What will I share of myself and what will I learn from others. I need to know what sends them to their finally last stroke of an image they call complete.
I stopped my art work for many years to me mom. I started to escape the reality of day to day life through deep depression and physical pain. I stared writing prayers in hopes to heal my Father’s illness. It was after his death I started to do digital art in 2003. I saw my first fractal on-line and had to know “what is this beautiful thing called fractal.” Easy enough I found all the information on-line. I taught myself how to create again. I having not being able to draw with my hands anymore I found digital art form a most rewarding healing tool it’s self as well as writing poetry.
You used to be able to find me in a tree. There is where I come one with nature, one with God. I rather draw in dirt than go shopping. Mental Disorderliness Is a part of daily living and healing. Created Emotions through what I know call “MY Fractal Therapy has been more than a gift from above but also an a part of my identity.
Digital Art has become my healing tool for life now. I can get lost from the physical pain and bring new hope with each poem or image I create.

I Become Secure In My Creative Escapes,
Yet I Am Perplexed In Spectrum’s That Radiate My Path,
Still I Know This Path I Trek Never Alone.