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Natue in Awe

Nature its Awe

Out there into the wood
I wonder about the forest
I see trees flow in the wind
Birds that sing in harmony
Leaves that float to the ground
Where flowers show their bloom
Into the wood I follow the path
Widow’s weeds in the fields grieve
Spayed seedlings flying in air
Life of love the animal near
Basking in the sunlit meadow
A pond I come across
Where fish swim in cattail shores
Buttercup shine in the reflection
Sun light hit the glassy pond
Into the walk I further trek
In the distance the cornfields sway
Chicory periwinkle blossoms flicker
The goldfinch eating the thistles tops
I come across a forgotten stump
I sit and ponder of my journey
Birds that fly over head
I reflect this ‘trek Ive usurped
A butterfly dances by
Built in mind the beauty in awe
Bumblebee buzzing into nectar its kiss
Peaceful life soaked inside me
The sounds of nature sing its song
I thank God whats given me
Some eyes closed lost in sin
Cannot see the beauty
Cry tears for the blinded
Weeping willow weep
Nature love of life there behold
You just have to look deeper
The gift for all to see and feel
The creation of life
Nature grow strong
Teach the human
Your awe