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Healing with words and image

Heaven Sent Me Angels by Therese M Smith

As I sing in my infant dreams
Easter gifts over foot of bed
Heaven sent me Angels
With wings of purity and light
Eyelids now opening, pen my first sight
Three to be sure
My guardian My soul My Life
With Holiness
Voices and harp
Speak of goodness in HIM.
In I
Speak in song and sing of Love
Joy of Jesus
Faith with glory never ending wings flaying hope
I will meet again, who walks with me

I exist in non-existing state of mind
While molester’s sins tear up my body
Heaven sent me Angels
Held in arms with Love
Protected are my tears of healing
Time at lost at play in others minds
Through madness
Through death
Through pain
Through rape
And rape again
And rape again…
Heaven sent me Angels

Beaten body mindless of being
So to think
Rapist thieving lives
Heaven sent me Angels
With love of Him
Kept in me I lie still
Behold my senses in time to feel
Blinded forgotten memories
Heaven sent me Angels

As in infancy, as in age
as in pain, as in joy, as I will, as I do
Heaven sent me Angels
Golden cave shelter my dreams
As rat run by waking hours
Fleece of golden ox mid-watches
Succumb what ills me
I am with no shame
Confined only by fear
Watching over me
Heaven sent me Angels

Snow-white wings filled of Love
Clenching hand to root to limb to tops of trees
Never letting go
Angels far and near
Surround my soul
Escapes the madness of sinners
My nakedness now still
Clothed in golden sheets my sorrow soaked
Wrapping my soul with HIM
Heaven sent the Angels
Trees that held me up high
Looking up Into the Majestic Sky
Submerged into prayer
Heaven’s Angels here



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