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A cancer grows in us all

It starts from the brain as actions without thought

And grows and stretches through our veins

It’s vines it reaches our hearts with pain

And there it is planted to drive us insane

In able to reason with justice only judgment

There in our hearts it kills a piece of our soul

Slowly it separates us from one and then another

Once our hearts were born to love our brother

And then in just a moment of misunderstood

Rather than accepting who we are

Finding easier to dislike by far

To hate is fear

To love is being there

Cleanse our hearts of hatred with love

Through faith and hope shed tears

Live life as love not as we hate

For all will not be given through hate

But love will mend a heart without soul

Releases the cancer of hate






  1. I love this so much! Very beautiful and calming…

    Thanks for checking out my fractal artwork also.

    Jordan C.


    • Thank you kindly for these words. it means much to me that you wrote and enjoyed it. I too loved your fractals and hope to see more. I forgot to mention(sorry) the brillant colors and designs so invitig. Good day to you. 🙂


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