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My Bio
By Therese Smith
I am from the Great Lakes state of USA. I was born in the spring of 1960.
I’ve drawn and painted pictures throughout my teen years and twenties. I won my first art contest at age seventeen at the state fair.
I’m a poet, artist, proud momma, proud granny, one with nature and God. I have a need to seek out the emotional creatively that an artist’s express. From other artist’s creations I can feel their joy, pain, sorrow…. it can be a celebration of life that I’ll feel from an image. I can see and feel it as it can be a suffering hole still lost in darkness UN a wear of one’s self pain. What drives them to pick their palette and embark on an empty page to express their selves as a human being? What will they share of themselves? What will I share of myself and what will I learn from others. I need to know what sends them to their finally last stroke of an image they call complete.
I stopped my art work for many years to me mom. I started to escape the reality of day to day life through deep depression and physical pain. I stared writing prayers in hopes to heal my Father’s illness. It was after his death I started to do digital art in 2003. I saw my first fractal on-line and had to know “what is this beautiful thing called fractal.” Easy enough I found all the information on-line. I taught myself how to create again. I having not being able to draw with my hands anymore I found digital art form a most rewarding healing tool it’s self as well as writing poetry.
You used to be able to find me in a tree. There is where I come one with nature, one with God. I rather draw in dirt than go shopping. Mental Disorderliness Is a part of daily living and healing. Created Emotions through what I know call “MY Fractal Therapy has been more than a gift from above but also an a part of my identity.
Digital Art has become my healing tool for life now. I can get lost from the physical pain and bring new hope with each poem or image I create.

I Become Secure In My Creative Escapes,
Yet I Am Perplexed In Spectrum’s That Radiate My Path,
Still I Know This Path I Trek Never Alone.


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