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This Is Planet Therese


This is about Planet Therese … This is an Elysian planet. Persons here are a spectrum of color…no two alike. It is a working world of benevolence. It speaks of one language called accord. It breeds from birth this being vigor. The main source of food we eat continuously not just three times a day but throughout is prayer, belief, love, peace, forgiveness, hope, faith, jubilant, glee, enthusiasm, grace, wonderment, compassion ect…It rest in an enterprising state. It is an allegiance planet. It is a bounteous, and genial…It is located in my mind you are welcome to come. The law is to believe in all things good. No judging allowed. It survives on laughter. There is a higher power.

Our demise is hatred.


I wrote this while grieving and needed some place to hide, so I went inside my mind to where I thought all was wonderful, a world without madness and sadness.


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