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I come to you paper with pen

 I wonder when it all will end

 Let words drip from my finger tips

 I can’t say them through my lips

 Open soul transcend my thought

 Release these things I’ve brought

 Realism shouts on the sheet

 For it is time that I meet

 Forgiveness of my sins I pled

 My heart does not bleed

 Sorrow soaks bleed through the pages

 All is not lost throughout the ages

 Heal me to the highest power

 Bring me to the brightest flower

 Foresee the mist of happiness

 I am now not bloodless

 Dip out fingers blood ink

 I now know I think

 Discovery of lifes gift

 I promise to uplift

 Forever set inside new life

 I find you in this wildlife~Therese Marie Smith


Rose of Yesterday (was created to help in a gieving process of losing my mother)

Good day Good People

Much needs to be said about the stigma of mental disorders and illnesses. I am a work in progress and have travled years of treatment and healing. I use Creative Emotions to share what ills you can heal you. Everyone should use each day in a healing way if only to share a smile or show support will heal all of us in so very many ways.  Everyone mush know that mental awareness is a must to provent tragies like teenage sucide. Please be not ashame and embrace all of yourself.Creatived Emotions was created to help self support the hugry and stomp out the stigma! (more to come)  I first was to help self however sharing my creations with my thoughts is so healingfor me and others I have been blessed to help. Thank You kind people, I do hope you enjoyed this. Please share.~

Therese Marie Smith

ultral fractal was use to produce these images and poerty  created in 2006

Day of Peace.

Day of Peace.

Natue in Awe.

Deep Love.


Happy New Year Good People,

I am without words tonight
Evermore, no voice, I speak
With pages in print without my blood ink
Happy New Year I wish
Spectrum’s of faith
From I this fish
For all I hope
Life is joy able to cope
I am but a fish
Lonely deep in sea
No spectrum no light
Not given me
My faith with hope
Still floats it sends
Will to cope be beyond solace ends
Cage iced no longer in vain
Melt my heart New Year to start

New Life I swim new Beginning
I will win
My spectrum to glow
Into wisdom with light and sun
Shine far below I swim to run
New Year will gain new will to start
Lost scales from pain I not tear apart
I just one little fish Dear Lord
I need one wish
Teach me to love Teach me to be
All the good you have given me

Then I a fish no longer lone
No illness to drive me insane
Make me a backbone
I can only swim to gain
Rise up to light with prayer
Create my soul on pages
Mercy for in the ages
To see it will be
The glory you given me
I thank you this year
I make a wish
That All good people
Swim with a wish
For I am not but a fish

Now send me some light
All on a Chrystal beam
Create what I feel
Do what I mean
Feel with what I love
Together I swim into light rays
All too good though out new days
I wish this New Year
All good things happen to you
This my dear
Take me now from this fish bowl
Able myself to feel a soul
No longer in deep of blacken sea
No more darkness hidden on me
Nevertheless, I am but free
Wishing you all Happy New Year
A fish I can be

It’s Never to late to start a New Year. thank you

One Fish One New Yeae

Natue in Awe

Nature its Awe

Out there into the wood
I wonder about the forest
I see trees flow in the wind
Birds that sing in harmony
Leaves that float to the ground
Where flowers show their bloom
Into the wood I follow the path
Widow’s weeds in the fields grieve
Spayed seedlings flying in air
Life of love the animal near
Basking in the sunlit meadow
A pond I come across
Where fish swim in cattail shores
Buttercup shine in the reflection
Sun light hit the glassy pond
Into the walk I further trek
In the distance the cornfields sway
Chicory periwinkle blossoms flicker
The goldfinch eating the thistles tops
I come across a forgotten stump
I sit and ponder of my journey
Birds that fly over head
I reflect this ‘trek Ive usurped
A butterfly dances by
Built in mind the beauty in awe
Bumblebee buzzing into nectar its kiss
Peaceful life soaked inside me
The sounds of nature sing its song
I thank God whats given me
Some eyes closed lost in sin
Cannot see the beauty
Cry tears for the blinded
Weeping willow weep
Nature love of life there behold
You just have to look deeper
The gift for all to see and feel
The creation of life
Nature grow strong
Teach the human
Your awe

Happy Holidays

wishing you are yours a Merry Christmas and a most wonderful new year.